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I’m going to tell you about Akaroa, it is a wonderful place. Akaroa is a town with a French flavour. It’s a historical town. The French attempted to colonise New Zealand starting in Akaroa in 1840 but they were unsuccessful as the British declared sovereignty over New Zealand just before the French were able to colonise any more of New Zealand. Today you can see the influence of the French all over Akaroa. Akaroa is home to about 1000 people.

If you go there you can see a big boat, it’s called the Black Cat and it’s good. If you ride it you can see Cathedral Cave. The cave is 100 metres or 300 feet high which is about the same height as Big Ben. Also you can see some dolphins. They are so cute but difficult to see. I hope you go to Akaroa and enjoy it.

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