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Winter   I feel sorry that winter is almost over.  Winter is my favorite season, because the snow makes my… Read more »


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Reunification     People want to unify their countries.   I think that reunification unites different countries into one.  … Read more »

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day   Valentine’s Day is on 14 February.  Valentine’s Day is the day on which a girl gives chocolate… Read more »


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Vacation   The winter vacation is coming in three days. Our vacation is from 23 December 2011 to 5 February 2012…. Read more »

My Cousin’s Wedding

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My Cousin’s Wedding   My youngest aunt came to my house last Saturday.  It was my cousin’s wedding day. I finished class… Read more »

Promoting Fire Caution

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Topic: Fostering Fire Caution Promoting Fire Caution   Yesterday’s school homework was a ‘fostering fire caution’ drawing. I worked hard… Read more »