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Our Country Tiger

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Our Country Tiger   The tiger is my favorite animal, because a tiger is great to me.  A tiger’s length… Read more »


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Present   I went to Alfred’s house to study English last Monday.   While we were studying, my teacher Kay… Read more »

Fruit Tart

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Fruit Tart   I would like to introduce an easily made fruits tart.   The ingredients are six slices of… Read more »

The War

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The War   War is the saddest word which comes through my shivering throat.   When war breaks out, there… Read more »

The Farewell

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The Farewell   When March comes, I will part with my class mates from third grade and meet my fourth… Read more »


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Seol-Nal   2012’s Seol-Nal, New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar, is on January 23.   We can feast on… Read more »