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Awesome day

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Awesome day Today was the best day I’ve ever had in New Zealand. Do you want to know what happened… Read more »

High school maths

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High school maths Today I’m going to talk about high school maths. As you know, I’ve said in the past… Read more »

Akaroa trip

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Akaroa trip Today I’m going to tell you about the trip to Akaroa I took with my Y academy class…. Read more »

Lone Star

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Lone Star I’m going to tell you about the Lone Star. Perhaps you know the place. It is a big… Read more »

My Birthday

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My Birthday  Today was my birthday, now I’m 13 years old. As you know, I have had two birthdays while… Read more »


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Title: David. I want to talk about my friend David who always comes last when we take a test. David… Read more »