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Christchurch Music Festival

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Christchurch Music Festival This year, I was involved in an orchestra performing in Christchurch Music Festival. (*1) Over the last… Read more »

Impression of a Book

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Impression of a Book I have recently read a book called, ‘Fire Cat’. At first I didn’t know this book… Read more »


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Paige Paige is a twelve year old girl from Seoul which is the capital city of Korea. She is one… Read more »

Time Flies!

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Time Flies! I think time is going fast these days. I feel like I came to New Zealand yesterday but… Read more »


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Adaptation  Adapting to something is scary. The reason why I think like that is because of what I have experienced… Read more »

Orana Park

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Orana Park Next Tuesday all of the ESOL students are going to Orana Park for an ESOL trip. My teacher… Read more »