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By Marva Rampton,Ryan Rampton

pushed to procure his dream of residing in the United States, Axel Johansson turns into a profitable entrepreneur of a delivery enterprise. The 7th son of landless-farming mom and dad types a partnership with a detailed relative. After a supply run to Stockholm, he staggers domestic approximately frozen to demise, bludgeoned and nearly mindless. Incapacitated for a size of time, Axel remembers not anything about the occasion. a short while later, the companion claims Axel signed a paper giving him whole possession of the enterprise. approximately this time Axel awakens to the feel of a terrible discovery. he's having delusional trances. Did he sacrifice his purely son? His spouse, Hannah needs to lock him up. She and the kids must depart him and visit the US. If she refuses to do what he understands is healthier, he'll give you the chance to persuade her. Did a person slander his eldest daughter simply because he joined a arguable church, one he believes so much deeply in? used to be that why a person attempt to kill him? in line with a real tale, this dramatic heritage thrills the reader with romance, secret and the tradition of the land-of the-midnight solar; Sweden.

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