Is Progress Always Good?

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Do you agree or disagree that progress is always good? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


I strongly disagree that progress is always good. Not everything can go well, whenever things do go well, on the other side, other things are going to get worse.

The first reason I disagree, is because, not just good things progress, bad things can also progress. What if evil things progress? Like stealing, hacking, and threatening. For example, now, stealing skills are developing. It is a process too! Is it good? No, of course not! How about threatening skills, is this good? Progress is not always good, that is why I disagree.

The second reason why I disagree is because when good things are developing, bad things are also developing. Bad things always follow good things. For example, in this generation, the internet is developing a lot. Also, computer viruses are developing. The more developed the internet gets, the more developed the viruses get. Progress can be good but it can also be bad. Not everything is good.

The last reason why I disagree is because, when things are developing, there are a lot of victims of development. For example, when people develop shampoo or things for humans, they test those things on animals like mice and rabbits. They have lives too! Because of these tests, we can use these items safely, but it is so cruel. Would you be happy if people tested things which are not safe on other people? Would you be happy if you died because of these tests? You would not. How do you think the animals feel? Progress isn’t always good.

To conclude, I strongly disagree with the statement that progress is always good. Bad things can develop too. The more developed good things get, the more developed bad things get. When good things develop there are always a lot of victims. Progress can be so cruel!

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