Make a Cookie

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Daeun Jeung

Make a Cookie

Do you want to make some cookies? I like them. Almost all children like them. They are a very nutritious food. Have you made cookies? Do you know how to make cookies? I know how. I will tell you how to make cookies. First you need to prepare the ingredients. The ingredients are baking soda, sugar, cornflakes, coconut, flour, butter, syrup and something to decorate them with. I use almonds, chocolate and cherries. Secondly, take out a 1/4 cup measure, 1/2 cup measure, 1/3 cup measure, a pot, a big plate and a fork. Fill the 1/4 cup measure with baking soda and hot water, also fill the 1/2 cup with cornflakes, coconut and sugar, and fill the 1/3 cup with flour. Put two spoons of syrup into the pot, add the butter and boil on a moderate heat. After 10 minutes fill a big plate with all of that and mix it. Then you shape them into whatever shape you want them to be, then put them into the oven to bake. After they are cooked, wait till they are cold and then decorate them. If they get cold you can wrap them in plastic wrap. It is very easy and very yummy.

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