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Hi I am going to tell you about my favourite singer. My favourite singer is Michael Jackson. I like him because his dance is little bit different with the other singers. I mean I can not follow his dance especially the Lin Dance and Moon Walk. Also his voice is really fascinating. I think nobody can copy his voice. I like him for 2 years, I am not really know the all songs he sang but I love billie Jean and thriller.

He died in 2009. I didn’t know him when he was alive, but after he died, one day I heard his music accidentally and I started to fall in love with he songs. There are many rumors about Michael Jackson ut most of them are not true. The runors said that Michael Jackson wanted to make his skin color to white so he did operation but it is no true his skin color changed because he has vitiligo. It is kind of skin ill. Also, many people say that he liked cosmetic surgery and it did nose opertion 7 times but he did because his nose bone was broken so he had to do cosmetic surgery.  Anyway, I still like him and I hope he will be confortable in the heaven. I felt relly sad about that and it is regretted that why I did not know him when he was alive! I thank him for making lots of beautiful songs! 

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