Olly and Polly

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Once upon a time there was two kingdoms they were Frana and Aytala. The kingdoms fought all the time and finally they decided to forgive each other. They promise do not fight and also had a daughter to Frana and a son to Aytala so they decided to marry them. The princess of Frana ‘Polly’ heard it and she was angry because the prince of Aytala ‘Olly’ was so ugly. Polly did not wanted to marry with him so she decided to run away. One day night she went out from her castle, and she met a man it was Olly. Olly noticed that Polly is a princess but Polly did not know the man is Olly, so he could stay with her. They had a trip with a big boat and they met many monsters Olly was too weak and not brave bug Polly was very brave and also smart so she saved Olly and herself. Polly saw Olly is not brave so she made him a smart, brave boy and finallg the adventure is over. Polly and Olly back to Aytala and Olly said who is he but Polly did not believe Olly because for the time being she thought Olly is just a citizen. Later, they met the kings and Polly believe Olly is the prince and Olly asked her marry but she wanted to be a single so she refused him and she live a single forever.

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