Rugby practice

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Rugby practice

I’ve chosen rugby for my winter sport because it is my favourite sport. Today we were going to have a rugby practise but it rained in the morning so we weren’t sure whether we were going to practice or not but in the afternoon my teacher announced that we were still going to be doing practise.

After lunch as I got ready to play rugby everyone was looking at me because I looked different with my own clothes on.

Since the grass was wet the field was all muddy, I was quite afraid of getting dirty but the other students didn’t seem to care so I tried not to care. Soon the game started, on my team there were three Kiwis’ and me. On the other team there were two Maoris and three Kiwis, I was the only Asian.

The game was wild, when I got the ball I ran as fast as I could but got tackled just before I got to the line. I was so close. One of the Maori students ran at me and I tackled him easily, then he fell on me. Soon the game was finished with 25 to five. It was obvious that I am really fast and good at tackling.

Today was an exciting day!

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