Spend or Save

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Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


In my opinion, it is better to both, enjoy some of your money which you have earned, and save some of your money for the future. This is because we need to enjoy our lives and our money, but we also need to save our money for big things.

I think people should both save and spend money because if you just saved the money you earned, you wouldn’t feel happy or be able to enjoy your life. You wouldn’t want to earn money as much if you didn’t get to enjoy your money. Would you feel happy if you died without spending the money that you saved? I don’t think so. Money is not an ornament. If you enjoyed some of your money while you earned it, you would feel good and you would want to earn more money. Then, you would work harder and get even more money. Without enjoying your money, it is hard to enjoy your life.

On the other hand, saving money is boring, but it is important. If you earned money and spent it all on enjoying yourself, you would become a beggar very quickly. Sometimes you need a lot of money to buy one big and important thing, like when you have to pay for your studies, a car, or other stuff. If you spend all that money on small things, you wouldn’t have any money left for the important things. As a result, you would have to borrow the money. When you start borrowing all that money, it is hard to stop and repay that money. You would have to pay even more money back in interest. It’s not a good thing at all! Would you save your money and spend it on important things, or would you spend it on unimportant things which you want to buy just because they are pretty or cute?

If you enjoyed all of your money, you wouldn’t be able to use your money when you needed to. On the other hand, if you saved all your money, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your life. But if you enjoyed some of your money and saved some of it for the future, you would be able to spend your money on some important things in the future, and you would also be able to enjoy your life.

To conclude, in my opinion, it is better to enjoy some of your money now and save some for the future. This way you can prepare for the future while still enjoying your life with your money! What would you do?

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