Transportation Vehicles – Changed People’s Lives

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Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changes people’s lives.

- Automobiles

- Bicycles

- Airplanes

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


In my opinion, airplanes have changed people’s lives. I don’t think that we could live without any airplanes.

Airplanes allow us to travel to other countries for vacations. Before airplanes were used as transportation vehicles, we could only go to other countries by ship, but that wasn’t safe. Like the people who were on the Titanic in 1912, you could die on a ship. On the other hand, airplanes, of course, could fall down, but it is less probable than a ship sinking. It took much more time to travel by ship too, not like on airplanes, on airplanes it takes a much shorter time! If there weren’t any airplanes, you would hardly be able to go to another country, especially if you got sea-sick. You can travel to other countries whenever you want by plane. You can see the sky high view, and learn things in airplanes. Airplanes have really changed people’s lives. Without any airplanes, there would be no fun to have on this earth!

Because of airplanes, in this generation, we get products and ideas from overseas, like the iPod, the iPhone, the Galaxy phones, and other things, much faster than we did before. Without airplanes, ships would have to come and that would take so long. The reason why this generation is developing so fast is because we get products and other things very fast, and delivered by airplanes. If you order something from another country, it will arrive within a week or two. Airplanes have changed our lives for the better.

The final reason why I think airplanes have changed our lives is because now you can go to other countries for work. For example if your boss told you to go to another country and then to come back again it would be better for you if you could go and come back quickly. Without any airplanes that couldn’t happen. Now, you can travel to other countries whenever you want, you can see the views, and learn many things because of airplanes.

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