Victor Rogers

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Victor Rogers 

I recently read about a man called Victor Rogers and thought that he was a person that I could learn from. You might know that he has an IQ of 173 but that his IQ didn’t help him at all. For 17 years people treated him like he wasn’t intelligent.

When he went to school he got given an IQ test but he couldn’t speak or think properly so everyone thought he was intellectually disabled. Even when he got 173 on the IQ test everyone thought it was 73 because he didn’t appear to be intelligent.

Everyone teased him at school and said he was retarded; he couldn’t bear this so finally he stopped going to school and helped his dad work and earn some money. Then he saw an advertisement that had a math question, he solved it and sent it away in an email. The Afree company who had made the ad contacted him and told him that they wanted to employ him. He worked hard but once people found out he wasn’t the same as everyone else they started talking about him and he couldn’t bear going through that again so he stopped working there.

He stopped doing everything but then he realised that he needed to believe in himself and needed to be himself so he worked hard and he had great success. He became the CEO of Mensa who only employ people who score in the top 2% of IQ tests.

I learnt from this that, even if you are different from others and don’t have the same abilities, if you believe in yourself and try hard you can succeed at things.

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