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Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning Spring is right around the corner! Today, in preparation for Spring I cleaned my room. I got up at  Read More »

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My Birthday


My Birthday Today was my birthday, now I'm 13 years old. As you know, I have had two birthdays while I  Read More »

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Goodbye Da Eun!


Goodbye Da Eun!On the 9th of October Da Eun went back to Korea, by herself. She came here with Jo,  Read More »

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NicknamesToday I am going to talk about nicknames. Some people like them but some people do not. I would not  Read More »

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Olly and Polly


Once upon a time there was two kingdoms they were Frana and Aytala. The kingdoms fought all the time and  Read More »

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PunishmentDo you know how awful it is to be punished by Mr. Kahn for not doing your homework properly? I  Read More »

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Fundraising On Tuesday, at school, Kapil was given chocolate that he had to sell to raise money for the school. While  Read More »

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The Korean War


The Korean War Most people, including myself, are very sad when war breaks out but there are some power hungry rulers  Read More »

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Write My Essay


Write My Essay Obtaining nearly anything on-line, like with a variety of other online other options, is a fantastic modern… Read more »

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