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Victor Rogers


Victor Rogers I recently read about a man called Victor Rogers and thought that he was a person that I could  Read More »

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Happiness I don’t know about happiness. People want to be happy. I was happy receiving a prize every time. (singular)I was happy  Read More »

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Black Hole


Black HoleA black hole is a very dense body in the galaxy that has very strong gravity. Its gravity is  Read More »

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New High School


It has recently been announced that a new high school may be built in your community. Do you support or  Read More »

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Feeling Hungry


Today I'm going to talk about feeling hungry. My home stay gave me a lunch but inside my lunch box there  Read More »

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PaigePaige is a twelve year old girl from Seoul which is the capital city of Korea. She is one of  Read More »

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Diamond King


Hi, I’m going to tell you a story about Diamond King who really loves diamonds. One day in Dia castle… Read more »

Magic School


There was a magical land somewhere in the world. Every magician lived in the magical land, every people born in… Read more »

happy man


Hi, I am going to tell you about a story. Once upon a time there was a king who had… Read more »

Balls World


Today I am going to tell you a story about a planet called ‘Balls World’. In Balls World all the… Read more »

To The USA


In Africa at midnight one day in November, Dana was sleeping and my parents awoke me. She was tired, but… Read more »

A Forest


Hi, I am going to talk about the story that I made.   Once upon a time, there were three… Read more »

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