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TeachersInKorea, teachers are scary. However, inNew Zealandmost teachers are not scary. When I was inKoreaI thoughtNew Zealandteachers would be scary  Read More »

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Korean table manners


Daeun JeongKorean table mannersIf you go to Korea, you must know about Korean table manners. Most people don’t know about  Read More »

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A Successful Presentation


A Successful Presentation Being able to make an effective, well balanced presentation is a fundamental skill needed for any person. In  Read More »

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Korean Singers


Korean Singers These days most Korean singers become famous and travel the world. I think they're famous because they're very good  Read More »

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Make a Cookie


Daeun JeungMake a CookieDo you want to make some cookies? I like them. Almost all children like them. They are  Read More »

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check my paper


check my paper If you might be under-going additional complications with composing a highly-constructed, grammatically suited and spectacular essay, for… Read more »

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